What happened to your free and flat-rate shipping?

Transparency is the key to integrity

We evaluated the standard “free shipping” practice and discovered the following:

  • Free Shipping is what many companies do to get you to buy more overpriced products than you want or need.
  • Free Shipping is not free; all companies absorb this cost by adjusting their product prices higher than they should be.
  • Free Shipping made it difficult for us to give the most loyal, high volume clients the very best deals no matter how often they made purchases.
  • In short, the practice of “Free Shipping” is not transparent. We want to be completely open and clear with our customers while providing them the best products and value.

New Lower Prices Improve Your Bottom Line

We've lowered prices on thousands of products by an average of more than 10%!

Even after paying shipping costs, most clients will notice their shopping cart bottom line will be 5-8% lower than when we offered “Free Shipping”.

We encourage you to focus on the bottom line total of your bill, not the shipping costs. The bottom line, flawless delivery and top notch customer service are all that matter!

For more information about why free shipping is never free, check out our blog post.