What options do I have to customize my items without meeting the minimum order quantity requirement?

Many of our clients, from mom & pop shops to larger chains, utilize custom stamps or labels as a means to brand their packaging. These solutions aren’t always ideal given the manual labor involved and the notion that a stamp or label doesn’t always look as premium as “real deal” printed packaging, however they are often believed to be more practical/accessible in terms of capital investment and inventory commitment. I’ve attached some images showing how some of our clients have incorporated these solutions.

Here are a couple of DIY branding options that have worked really well for our clients sourcing their everyday non-custom packaging from us:

1) Custom stamps from a place like www.espressoparts.com are a super cost-friendly/low risk solution where all you’d need to do is submit your logo and size preference, and they could have a custom stamp delivered to you within less than two weeks. The stamps do appear to be solid and I spoke with someone there who was very reassuring about how the stamps turn out and having repeat clients, etc. She also provided an example of one of their clients who shared some cool posts of their stamped coffee bags on IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/2Y0_U8BEzE/?taken-by=heartbreakcoffee&hl=en.

2) Also, here's a great resource for custom eco-friendly labels: www.purelabels.com. From my experience, they’re super helpful and responsive on custom projects if you could use some guidance with identifying the best solution.